Walking Canes That Are Anything But Boring

The breaking point for me in my journey with chronic illness was the moment I determined I needed a cane. It wasn’t the fact that I would be relying on a medical device. It was that all of the canes I found were so incredibly clinical. I felt as though everything about my old life had been taken away and I was left feeling like nothing more than a patient or a medical statistic.

I spent hours scouring shops and online posts to find a cane that made me smile. Sure, it wasn’t essential in the medical sense. But emotionally, it was vital in helping me come to terms with my limitations.

If you, like me, are trying hard to find a trace of yourself amidst your symptoms, let me encourage you to find a cane that is a little out of the ordinary. Find something that makes you smile, that reminds you of a favorite memory, that shows workmanship that you appreciate. In fact, I propose we make these an accessory, just like quirky glasses and scarves and stylish shoes. Maybe we can have a cane for every occasion or season!

If you rely on a cane daily, or even just from time to time when your symptoms flare up, here are a few beautiful options to consider. These would also make meaningful gifts for the person in your life who lives with chronic illness.

Image shows orange tartan derby cane, and links to Walking Sticks website.
An orange tartan plaid derby cane set against a white background. The plaid striping appears in dark brown, red, and aqua. There is a brass ring under the handle of the cane.

This fun tartan cane has been on my wishlist for the past several years. Besides having a fantastic classic look, this cane just makes me think of pumpkin spice. The ergonomic handle would be comfortable and easy to use. The adjustable height makes it easy to get the right fit.

Image shows black curved walking cane with painted flames, and links to Fashionable Canes website.
Image shows the top and bottom of a walking cane pictured side by side against a white background. On the left we see the black curved handle of the cane. On the right, we see the black cane decorated with orange and red flames painted onto the pole.

This cane is certainly not short on personality! The traditional curve would be comfortable to use and easy to hook over an arm when not in use. The flame detail is colorful and sure to make you smile.

Image shows hand-carved wooden walking cane leaning against park bench, and links to Etsy seller.
Image shows a carved medium brown wooden walking cane leaning against a wooden park bench handle. The cane has a derby handle with a section of carving just below the handle with the appearance of two tulips, with one bud facing upward and one downward. There appear to be leaves and filigree surrounding the tulips and a straight band above and beneath the carving.

I have to say, this is probably one of the more beautiful canes I’ve seen. I’m a sucker for wood and carved things in general, and the detailing on this cane is exquisite. It’s delicate and decorative without being flashy. The wood construction would make this a sturdy option, and the seller allows you to select the height to ensure a good fit. As an added bonus, this cane would coordinate with just about any outfit or occasion!

Image shows dark green wooden derby cane, and links to Walking Sticks and Cane website.
Image shows top portion of a green wooden derby walking cane set against a white background. We see traces of the woodgrain through the forest green finish.

I absolutely love the simplicity, styling, and color of this cane. Everything about it is understated, but perfect. The handle is beautifully designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and the construction is sturdy and solid. This option would be great for a man or a woman.

Image shows floral patterned derby cane, with link to Fashionable Canes website.
The top of a derby-style walking cane is set against a white background. The cane has black background with assortment of pink, red, and blue flowers with bright green leaves over the handle and post. There is a gold-colored band just beneath the cane handle.

Who doesn’t love flowers? This happy little cane would bring a smile to anyone’s face! I love the bright colors contrasted on the dark background. The handle would be comfortable and ergonomic, and the adjustable height provides a good fit. This cane is just sweet all around.

Image shows black and white hand-carved wooden cane, and links to Etsy seller.
The top of a wooden derby cane is shown at an angle against a white background. The finish on the wood is black, with carved leaves, flowers, and swirls stained beige. The carving wraps around the pole and up over the back portion of the handle.

This absolutely beautiful cane is hand-made by a woodcarver. What a treasure! The detailing is stunning. The shop owner crafts each cane individually by hand, and uses dyes that are safe for the environment. Custom measurements ensure the cane is just right for you.

Image shows elegantly carved wooden cane, and links to Art Walking Sticks website.
Image shows the top of a smoothly carved dark wood cane against black background. The handle is somewhat derby-style, but curves downward and comes to a point along the bottom of the handle. Several ridges are carved into the back part of the handle leading down to the post. An ornate stamped brass ring connects the handle to the post.

Last, but most certainly not least: this is possibly the most stunning cane I’ve ever seen. The carving is not only incredibly beautiful, it looks like it would fit the shape of your hand like a glove. And look at that detailing on the metal! Everything about this cane is exquisite.

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