Beauty Tips for Flare Days

Some days you just want to stay in pajamas and crawl under the covers. But what about the days when you want to look nice but lack the energy? Here are a few of my beauty tips for those flare days.

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Guest Post

Hop on over to my fellow chronic illness blogger’s site to check out my guest post about living with celiac disease!

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Accessible Home Design Ideas

Whether you are looking to build or buy an existing home (or taking a hard look at the home you currently own), there are so many adaptations and simple design elements that make a house more usable to those of us with chronic illness or disability. Here are just a few considerations to get you started!

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Compression Wear

Do you struggle with dysautonomia, or a condition that makes standing difficult? Or are you overwhelmed by the wide variety of options (and prices) for compression wear? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about the compression wear that has helped me.

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Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions here are not meant to replace the advice you receive from your medical professionals, legal advice, or any other recommendations by experts familiar with your situation. While I try to write broadly with suggestions that may be helpful for a wide range of chronic illnesses or disabilities, I recognize that I cannot speak to every circumstance. My hope is that this site will simply serve as a springboard for your own creative ideas, and a source for finding workable solutions to some of the challenges we experience in living with chronic illness or disability.