Living with Celiac Disease

Living with celiac disease presents some very specific challenges. Here are some of the ways it takes an emotional toll, and a few ways you can support your friend or family member living with celiac disease.

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Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Bibs

Are you in need of a subtle way to protect your clothing during dinner celebrations? Here are some ideas for alternative bibs that hide in plain sight!

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Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions here are not meant to replace the advice you receive from your medical professionals, legal advice, or any other recommendations by experts familiar with your situation. While I try to write broadly with suggestions that may be helpful for a wide range of chronic illnesses or disabilities, I recognize that I cannot speak to every circumstance. My hope is that this site will simply serve as a springboard for your own creative ideas, and a source for finding workable solutions to some of the challenges we experience in living with chronic illness or disability.