Round-up of Great Costumes for Kids with Disabilities

Fall is in full swing and Halloween is right around the corner! Can you believe it? If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve probably been dreaming up elaborate costumes for weeks.

If you have a child with a disability, it can be challenging to come up with costume ideas. If that’s the case, here are a few ideas from around the great internet world to inspire you.

A young girl in wheelchair is dressed in suit and tie sitting at what appears to be an office desk. The US presidential emblem is on the front of the desk; atop the desk are a red phone, two small American flags, a sheet of paper, and a sign reading, “President McKinley Moates.”

This costume is absolutely adorable! For the child who has presidential aspirations, this is such a cute way to inspire them. The desk is easy enough to create with a box (and lightweight). And, obviously, this costume works equally well for either gender. This sweet girl just might be the first female president!

A young boy sits inside a box made to look like an ice cream truck. The truck’s front wheels are boy’s wheelchair wheels.

This costume is far more elaborate, but how adorable is an ice cream truck or a food truck? The upside to this costume is that it can be sized up or down for an older child. It also leaves access to the wheels so that your child can push themselves. I’d love to see a taco truck, too–maybe a whole food truck rally!

A young girls dresses as a giraffe. Crutches are incorporated into costume as giraffe’s front legs.

I love this costume that incorporates this sweet girl’s crutches! They are perfect for the giraffe’s long front legs. This option requires a little bit of sewing, but it’s an adorable option if your child uses crutches to walk. I think this option could work equally well for a horse, unicorn, or other similar long-legged animal.

Boy with walker is dressed like Han Solo, with Millennium Falcon spaceship built of cardboard around walker.

If your child uses a walker, you’ve likely discovered that most of the ideas for costumes include dressing him or her as an elderly person (at best, dressing up like Carl from the movie, Up). While this may be adorable, I have a feeling most children would prefer an amazing costume like this. Of course, building a cardboard Millennium Falcon would be incredibly complex. But this idea could also work well with a simple car, airplane, or a simpler space craft.

A young man dressed in crown and cape sits in a wheelchair made to look like a golden throne.

A throne is such an easy, wonderful idea for a child using a wheelchair that I’m surprised I couldn’t find more ideas online! What child doesn’t dream of being royalty? It’s fairly simple to create a “throne” from fabric or a box to fit over the chair, and then your child can dress as any fairytale prince or princess they dream of being!

If you prefer not to go the DIY route, Target and Kohl’s actually now carry beautiful adaptive costumes in a wide variety of themes. Here are just a few to get your ideas flowing…

A cardboard tractor set is shown affixed to a wheelchair, with yellow hard hat to be worn by child.

A cardboard Cinderella carriage is shown affixed to a wheelchair.

Some other ideas ideas to explore:

  • Lucy’s Psychiatry booth from Peanuts comics
  • A diner countertop , dressed as a waiter or waitress
  • Secret Service agent for hearing aids/cochlear implant
  • Superman, a balloon, or a bird soaring over cotton “clouds” (this would work for a walker or wheelchair)
  • A DJ with turntables
  • A honey bee surrounded by flowers (this could also work for a walker or a wheelchair)

I hope these ideas help to get your creative juices flowing. But, especially, I hope you and your child are able to create a costume that makes them beam as you go trick or treating this year!

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