Round-Up of Stylish Grab Bars

I have a confession to make. I am a little bit vain.

Let me explain. My illness has stolen so much from me: my health, my hobbies, my work schedule, time with my family, my social life… I can’t bring myself to let it take everything, and since it’s one place I can draw the line, I draw the line at my sense of style. I make it my goal, when I need an assistive device of any kind, to try my hardest to find one that’s both practical and beautiful.

One of the very first things I researched when my symptoms began was grab bars. They are the most practical assistive device out there–and often the ugliest. I just knew there had to be sturdy, stylish options available.

Here are the results of my search. These are my favorite ideas for subtle, stylish grab bars for your home.

Towel Holder Grab Bars

I absolutely love an item that does double duty. If I can put my things to work in more than one way, I’m all in! So when I discovered grab bars that also serve as towel holders, I was fascinated! Here are just two of the beautiful options on the market.

Image of brushed nickel grab bar with towel bar, with link to Moen website.
A long brushed nickel bar, attached with two circular wall mounts, with a second thinner bar parallel to the first.

I love the calm, classic look of brushed nickel (although this product comes in a variety of finishes to suit your home). This bar is simple and subtle, and almost has the appearance of a regular towel bar. The thicker top rod serves as a grab bar, while the thinner bar beneath hangs your towel to dry. The added bonus of this style is that it keeps your towel close at hand–and anyone with chronic pain or balance issues knows that the less you have to reach for things, the better! It’s rated to support up to 250 lbs, is corrosion-resistant, and has a limited life warranty.

Image of stainless steel curved grab bar with towel holder, with link to seller site.
Curved c-shaped rounded towel bar/grab bar, with white towel hanging from lower portion.

For a more modern look, consider a bar like this one. While the top has the look of a standard rounded grab bar, the curved portion at the bottom gives a convenient place to hang a towel. The added advantage to the open-ended towel bar in this style is that it’s easier to hang/remove the towel from the bar.

Toilet Paper Holder Grab Bars

Image of wall mounted grab bar/toilet paper holder, with link to Home Depot.
Brushed nickel, narrow bar with second bar parallel. The top bar fixes to the wall with rounded mounts. There is a subtle curvature and flaring to the bars and mounts for an elegant finish.

This toilet paper holder/grab bar is so subtle, it’s almost hard to tell it’s a grab bar! The stylish finish and swooping lines make it really beautiful, and easy to match to other hardware in the bathroom. The top bar functions as a grab bar, while the lower portion keeps the toilet paper roll within easy reach.

Image of c-shaped grab bar/toilet paper holder, with link to Home Depot.
A bluey grey bathroom wall holds a c-shaped rounded bar. The top of the bar, slightly longer, is affixed as a grab bar. A roll of toilet paper hangs from the lower section. To the right is a white curtain, and above, the edge of a brown framed picture with an outline of a leaf.

Similar in style to the more modern towel bar above, this streamlined, simple bar is a beautiful option. The open-ended bottom bar also makes removing and replacing a toilet paper roll simple–a bonus if you have pain in your hands or difficulty with dexterity!

Shower/Bath Grab Bars

Image of bronze gold grab bar, with link to Home Depot site.
A bronze gold finish bar is mounted with two flat circular wall attachments.

Did you imagine a grab bar could be a style statement? This gorgeous bronze gold bar could be just that! It’s sleek and elegant, and looks like anything but an assistive device. The bar is available in a variety of finishes, to make it easy to match to any of your hardware.

Image of black finish shower grab bar, with link to Home Depot site.
A circular black metal bar, open at the bottom, is mounted with two circular black attachments.

This grab bar is definitely a more modern take, with the black finish and circular shape. And while in many ways it looks like a grab bar, somehow it feels kind of fun and different at the same time!

Removable Grab Bars

A silver-finish plastic grab bar has suction cup attachments and rectangular latches to secure grab bar to wall. It is shown on a white background.

I lived without a grab bar for a very long time. I just couldn’t bring myself to install one, for whatever reason. My particular illness seems to have a little bit of waxing and waning (at least of the more severe symptoms), so it was easiest for me to make my peace with the idea of a removable grab bar. It remains to be seen whether I will actually ever remove it, but I can certainly vouch for how helpful it has been! This is the particular bar I chose, although there are many options on the market.

There are some great advantages to a removable grab bar: first, of course, is that it can be removed in the future. This means if you are living with temporary limitations, or have symptoms that flare and worsen at times, you can add or remove the bar as needed. The second advantage is that it is incredibly easy to install. You don’t need to drill into the wall or bathroom tile, no need to find studs, no need to even use tools! Simply press the bar to the wall and secure the suction cups. I had my doubts about how sturdy it would be, but even pulling with all my weight didn’t dislodge the grab bar. It really works! The third advantage is that, being removable, you can take it with you when you travel, so you can be safe even when you are away from home. The one disadvantage is that it can only be mounted to certain types of surfaces, so make sure you research and have a plan for where it will attach.

What are some of your favorite beautiful grab bars? I’d love to see your top picks in the comments below!

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  1. […] Stubbornness and pride kept me from investing in a grab bar during my first two relapses, and in hindsight I regret it. Getting into and out of the tub was such a challenge, and I was often afraid of falling. When I entered my third relapse, I finally went looking for solutions. The reality for me is that I don’t really need a grab bar when I am in remission. For whatever reason, it’s just not as hard for me during those stretches to get into and out of the tub. So I wanted something removable. I didn’t even know removable grab bars were an option until I read about them here (and check out my post dedicated to great grab bars)! […]


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