Alternative Medical Jewelry for Women

I wonder if you ever thought these words would go together: beautiful medical jewelry. Can you believe it? Sadly, when a medical condition requires some sort of identification, the options are typically very clinical and sterile. Here are some alternative medical alert pieces that are beautiful and functional. Who knows, you may find that you want to collect a variety of pieces to accessorize your outfits (and check out my medical jewelry for men post)!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. I post links to products that I have used personally, or that I feel might be helpful or useful to my readers. I particularly like to support small businesses, socially-responsible sellers, and other disabled/chronically ill individuals whenever possible.

Image shows two pictures of the same gold chain horizontal bar necklace. In top image, we see the neck and shoulders of a Caucasian woman in white v-neck shirt with gold bar pendant and gold chain necklace. In second image, we see a close-up of bar pendant, with is stamped on either side with medical cross and caduceus serpent symbols. Between these symbols, we read stamped lettering, “Chloe Anderson, Type 1 Diabetes.” The bar pendant is attached on either side with gold rings and simple gold chains.

This dainty, on-trend necklace is subtle, but conveys all the necessary information to a first responder. Unless you are close-up, it looks just like a regular bar necklace. The seller also offers it in a variety of necklace lengths and finishes. This is so lovely, it would even make a meaningful gift!

Image depicts six customizable medical alert pendants in varying sizes and finishes, and links to Etsy seller.
Image depicts a series of vertical bar necklaces of varying thicknesses and differing finishes against solid beige background. On the left we see a thick copper colored pendant with four sizes, with chain through holes at top of pendant. On one side of pendant, we read “I-C-E: 801-555-1234.” On another side, we read “Epilepsy,” with medical serpent caduceus symbol. Next to this we see a thinner pendant in same finish. One side is stamped and illegible, second side reads, “Adrenal Insufficiency,” with medical logo. Next pendant is thick and appears in gold finish, with one side reading “Factor 5 Leiden,” and second side showing only medical symbol. Fourth pendant is slimmer in gold finish, with one side reading, “Blood thinners,” and front side showing medical symbol. Next pendant is thicker with silver finish, reading “Diabetic” with symbol on front side only. Final pendant is thinner in silver finish, reading “Bone Marrow Transplant” and symbol on front side and illegible on side.

How beautiful and simple are these necklaces? They would look lovely just peeking out from under a shirt. With multiple sides, these pendants also allow you to list up to four medical conditions, which eliminates the need for several medical alert pieces. Of course, if you love them you could still go ahead and collect a few! I love that they are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Image depicts customizable stamped medical alert bangle bracelet, and links to Etsy seller.
Image shows thin silver metal cuff bracelet on dark gray background, stamped “Pace Maker” with a small heart symbol between the two words. The bracelet curves around and is open in the back.

If you prefer the look of a bracelet, these cuff bracelets are beautiful. Wear one for a single diagnosis, or stack several (even in different sizes and finishes) to reflect more than one diagnosis. While some medical jewelry looks polished and mechanized, I actually love the handmade feel of these stamped bracelets.

Image depicts thin customizable rose gold bangle medical alert bracelet, and links to Sticky J website.
Image depicts a rose gold thin bangle bracelet on white background. An oblong flat front in rose gold has a stamped white medical cross symbol. The bracelet sits at an angle toward the left in the photograph.

Simple and understated, this rose gold bracelet is elegant. As an added bonus, the firm bangle design makes this bracelet easy to fasten (a plus if you suffer from joint pain or limited mobility).

Image depicts customizable leather and metal wrap medical alert bracelet, and links to Lizzy James website.
Image depicts the forearm and upper hand of a woman with medium-toned skin. She wears a loose white blouse and is placing her hand into her jeans pocket, with blurred background. On her wrist, she wears a wrap bracelet of braided brown leather strands with three thin solid silver sections. One section is stamped in black lettering and reads, “* Diabetes.”

If dainty metal jewelry isn’t really your thing, here is another stunning option. This leather wrap bracelet is customizable and has just a little bit of a boho flair. The shop also has a variety of options for charm bracelets and different styles of wrap bracelets.

Image depicts blush pink customizable device watch tag with medical alert and emergency contact information, and links to Etsy website.
Image shows a blush pink phone watch with indistinct image on screen, set on white background. A black tag on watch band just under the screen is stamped with customizable information in block white font and reads, at an angle, “Lovis A. Paterson, Miami, Florida, U-S-A. In case of emergency, Joann 123-456-7890, Madison 000-000-0000. Don’t give up.”

Jewelry’s not really your thing? No problem! With this watch band tag, you can add an alert subtly to your current device watch. The tag can be personalized to include all the important information a first responder would need.

Image depicts customizable metal medical alert ring, with link to Etsy seller.
Image depicts small metal ring in swirling pattern that would wrap around the finger, set on solid beige background. At one end, we see the medical serpent caduceus symbol stamped. Barely visible on the top inside of the ring, we see stamped “1 Dependent,” with remaining lettering not visible. Beneath the ring, we see large block lettering title, “Medical Alert Inside Ring.”

If rings are more your style, this quirky twist ring could be an option. This hand-stamped ring could be personalized to include up to 3-4 diagnoses, listed either on the outside or the inside of the ring. One word of caution with any piece of jewelry with information hidden inside, make sure there is some indication on the outside of the jewelry that it is a medical alert. A finger may not be the first place a first responder looks for information, especially if the ring looks like a regular piece of jewelry! Still, this is a fun, unique way to have the necessary information on you at all times.

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